What We Do

We offer sound advice and deliver high-quality services for clients in a collaborative environment. We work hard to understand a client’s specific needs and tailor our services to help meet those goals. Our approach is the same whether we are working with individuals, businesses, or multinational corporations.

Our clients include some of the world’s greatest collectors, art-related businesses, world-class museums, advisors, nonprofits, estates, insurers, as well as a number of clients outside the art world including, for example, those in entertainment and publishing.

Some of the work we do:

  • Advise and negotiate the sale and purchase of art, both privately and at auction
  • Litigate issues arising out of art transactions, including over ownership, authenticity, and non-payment
  • Advise and negotiate loans of art to museums and other exhibitions
  • Advise and negotiate loans using art as collateral, for financing for both borrowers and lenders
  • Advise both insureds and insurers on risk management and coverage
  • Advise on regulatory matters, including money-laundering laws and regulations
  • Advise on and litigate copyright and other intellectual property matters, as well as on “moral rights”
  • Estate planning for artists and collectors
  • Legacy and philanthropic planning for artists and collectors
  • Advise on sales and other tax matters
  • Advise on and structure art businesses and transactions, including for investment

When handling transactions, we take a practical approach and use innovative methods to help our clients manage risks and achieve their goals. Attorneys at the firm have handled innumerable art transactions with dollar amounts ranging from hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions.

When disputes arise, we do our utmost to resolve them without litigation but, when litigation can’t be avoided, we fight hard to win. Our attorneys have successfully litigated some of the most important cases in the art world, including cases involving ownership disputes, authenticity, copyrights, financial transactions, and art fraud.


We have attorneys in New York and Los Angeles, and also have a strategic alliance with Joseph Hage Aaronson LLP (“JHA”), a top-tier London law firm that includes both solicitors and barristers and has a presence in Zurich, Switzerland. Our firm shares with JHA a client-centered approach: We aim to be effective and efficient by having lawyers work side by side with clients and ally with other specialized lawyers as well as key support services and professionals (e.g., for due diligence, insurance, finance, advisory, and other services) to provide what our clients need to succeed.